What’s a Ripe Car?

If you’re ever talking to a banker or investor, you’ll find that the automobile is often their favorite example of a depreciable asset.  It loses value the second you drive it off the lot, the adage goes.

And yet, simultaneously, for many famous cars over the years, there’s a unique combination of mechanical engineering and technology and design — and pure soul — which has given them their rightful place in history.  Their existence is a remarkable tightrope walk of mass production which is nothing short of artistry… and for that reason, enthusiasts lust after classic cars and, in some cases, procure and restore them to turn a profit.  These cars are fast, they’re comfortable, they’re beautiful.  And journalists, producers, bloggers and the like, they all celebrate the classics for these reasons — as well they should.

But for every vintage automobile which renders its owner an acceptable return, there are a hundred cars whose value will never stave off the effects of gravity.  Some of these are nonetheless charming relics of a bygone era, or if not charming, at least deserving of the ridicule of hindsight.

Here at Ripe Cars, our aim is the broaden the definition of “classic car” to capture a range of other personality traits that give vehicles their deserving place in history.

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